Farm Expert 2017 ( Polska Farma 2017 ) on STEAM

Title: Farm Expert 2017
Platform: PC
Genre: Simulation
Release:  2016

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We are in development for Hard Terrain DLC


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Farm Expert 2017 on STEAM , and in retail stories in Europe.

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2.9.2016 retail box start sale in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary.





Farm Expert 2017 - in Poland under name Polska Farma 2017 / published by Cenega in Poland Czech Slovakia Hungary

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New video from upcoming Farm Expert 2017 : check on our facebook 

Here is the promised video!
What do you think about sounds and smoke from the chimney? 
Yes, smoke is dependent on the RPM and tractor position smile emoticon 

Repair your tractor 

When Farm Simulator meet Spintires


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