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ElectriX: Electro Mechanic Simulator - a simulation game of electronic equipment repair with a dark conspiracy twist. In the game we'll be able to fix modern and retro electronic devices like: consoles, computers, mobile phones and other electronic equipment. During our casual work we will be involved in the dark conspiracy intrigue and only our skills and knowledge will help us. Come to ElectriX to fix some electro stuff!

Game features:

- zoom in and admire every part from up close
- you can't just simply click your way through the task, you have to be careful not to brake something
- tons of different tasks to complete. Some are easy and sometimes there is a client that knows nothing and just tells you that the phone sounds weird
- disassemble devices
- inspect parts to see their condition
- after inspection that costs are bigger than client expects, you can cancel order or ask for bigger budget
- solder broken parts
- project and build your own stuff. It's up to you, if it's gonna work
- buy old devices and repair them just to sell them for a better price
- buy broken electronics and scrap them for parts to use it later
- over 35 unique devices with skin permutations which give player over 100 different devices to fix
- modern and retro electronic equipment
- hacking and intelligence special devices
- special trainings to achieve new skills necessary in career advance
- look for clues to solve the mystery...