Train Station Renovation

Train Station Renovation
Steam score 83% (1343reviews)

Title: Train Station Renovation
Genre: Fix Simulator
Publisher: LMG & PlayWay
Developer: LMG
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Train Station Renovation is a game in which you play the role of a self-proclaimed conservator of historic railway stations. Nice hobby, huh? You will have a chance to use a number of specialized tools such as your own hands, a brush and maybe a hammer? You will have to do some hard work to obtain more of them. However, you can always find forgotten artifacts, which can sometimes be worth something.

A lot of work awaits you: your to-do-list includes replacing railroad ties by plucking weeds, replacing windows, filling in cavities in walls and doing interior renovations. Stations have not been used for many years and practically everything is eligible for a thorough renovation.

Have you ever been sad by looking at an old and abandoned place thinking that it deserves a better fate? Here you have the chance to save a lot of such places from total oblivion. You can start them off again and give the station a second life. Discover a number of different stations around the world. They all have their own story and many secrets which you may reveal if you are an attentive observer.

Abandoned old trains also deserve some attention. Renovate the interior, clean and paint the car bodies, repair damaged and worn parts. Maybe you can start them off.


Renovate railway stations
Repair old trains
Discover new places
Unravel their story
Make a grand... reopening?






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