PlayWay S.A. - start

PlayWay SA - is working now on 10 games.
5 are casual - 4 mid-budget games, and 1 is big project for 15 months

Work on all games was started in 2010year.
Farm 2 is finished now - and is offered for World clients.

Games are build for different consoles - for online and offline distribution
all new details - will be soon on our site!

Official info:

PlayWay SA is a new company created in 2011 to build good quality games for PC, iPhone, iPad, Xbox, PS3, PSP, Wii, Adnroid.

Company is founded and owned solely by Krzysztof Kostowski, a coowner of an existing game distribution company PLAY sp zoo.

Krzysztof Kostowski has been working in the gaming industry from 1991. An owner of 50% of PLAY company from Poland, providing software to main chains of shops (, publishing PC games (, distributing games to kiosk companies ( and developing PC games (

PlayWay's main focus is higher quality PC and console games with their offline and online distribution.

Having experience in games development (103 games done and published in our previous company), we are eager to make good quality games and publish them with our existing partners around the world.

Company is financed etirely from own capital and is prepared for taking in new shareholders.

PlayWay Spółka Akcyjna - registered office ul. Bluszczańska 76 lok 6, 00-712 Warsaw, Poland

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